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Group Therapy


Group therapy is a special form of therapy in which a small number of people meet together, under the guidance of a professionally trained and credentialed Group Therapist, to help themselves and one another.   Group therapy also offers participants an effective, efficient and economical option for healing relational and emotional issues.

When it comes to healing from domestic violence, it helps to have people you can talk to on a regular basis. This ongoing communication not only helps you make sense of what you're experiencing, but also provides support, validation, and resources from people who have been through the same things you've been through.

Domestic violence is dangerous. To help, therapy must be used appropriately. Couples therapy might not help those in a relationship with domestic violence. It may not be healthy to work on a relationship with an abusive partner. This is even the case if a therapist is present. If your or your children’s safety is in danger, it may be best to leave that situation. 
Therapy can be helpful in treating the effects of domestic abuse. Domestic violence may leave lasting physical and mental effects. Therapists can help people work through mental health issues caused by domestic abuse. Therapy for domestic abuse may be most effective when each member of the relationship seeks treatment separately. 

What Are the Benefits of a Support Group?
If you are a survivor of domestic violence, it helps to have someone to talk to—especially if you don't have friends and family members you can turn to.

Enrollment forms

After scheduling your first appointment, the next step in preparing for counseling is to complete the appropriate intake forms.


Please print, review, complete and sign the applicable forms before your first session.

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