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What Sets Nayo Cares Inc. Apart?
Nayo Cares Inc. distinguishes itself through a commitment to love and dedicated follow-up. Going beyond the expected, we immerse ourselves in our work, actively engaging with the community and going the extra mile to meet their needs. Our involvement extends to personal contributions, as we willingly give from our own pockets to address the unique needs of each individual. At Nayo Cares Inc., we only consider our job done once we witness tangible results, ensuring that every individual in need is included.

“I owe my transformation to the rescue team at Nayo Cares Inc. When I found myself in a precarious situation, I had to make significant changes in my life. This involved leaving the state where I was residing and relocating to a new environment with my son, my cat, and a few belongings. The rescue team at Nayo Cares Inc. played a pivotal role in facilitating this transition. They provided essential support, including transportation and a temporary place to stay for me, my son, and my cat. Thanks to their assistance, I gradually regained my footing and secured employment. I am relieved to share that my child is now in a safe environment, and my cat has found a loving home. I am immensely grateful to Nayo Cares Inc. for helping me rebuild my life.”

— Tiffany A.

“I choose to keep my name anonymous due to my experience with domestic abuse. In my case, the abuser was a woman, and she subjected me to mental torture. The fear of my abuser kept me silent for a long time. I hesitated to share my experiences, feeling ashamed and afraid of potential judgment, particularly as a man facing abuse from a woman. Nayo Cares Inc. intervened, providing guidance and coaching that empowered me to open up about my situation and seek the help I needed. Thanks to the support and coaching from Nayo Cares Inc., I’ve transcended from being a victim to becoming a victor. I’m no longer held captive by the fear that silenced me.”

— Anonymous

“I proudly declare myself a survivor. Nayo Cares Inc. played a crucial role in setting me free and providing the support necessary for me to share my story openly. I am no longer anonymous, and I am immensely grateful to Nayo Cares Inc. for coaching me and standing by me during my journey to recovery.”

— Reginald D.

“I sought counseling during a challenging time with my baby’s father. The situation was tumultuous, marked by abuse towards both me and my son. Nayo Cares Inc. played a crucial role in assisting me through this difficult period. While I acknowledge that the journey has been a process, the consistent counseling services and temperament therapy provided by Nayo Cares Inc. have been instrumental in helping me make significant strides. Though I may not be fully over the past, I am far from where I was. I am profoundly thankful for the support I received from Nayo Cares Inc.; it has made a lasting impact on my life.”

— Miracle B.

“As the wife of a pastor, I experienced mental abuse, suspecting that my husband may have displayed narcissistic traits. Although he presented as a loving pastor and counselor in public, behind closed doors, he subjected me to criticism, denied intimacy, held grudges, lacked forgiveness, treated me as a child in front of our children, and often focused conversations on himself, using the Bible to justify his actions. This left me feeling unloved by God and inadequate as a wife.

Feeling lost, I reached out to Nayo Cares Inc. through their domestic hotline. Their support helped me rediscover my self-worth, viewing myself as a beautiful sunflower. With their assistance, I regained my self-esteem. Subsequently, my husband and I began working on our differences. Faced with the possibility of losing me and his children, he underwent positive changes for the better. I am grateful to Nayo Cares Inc. for providing the help I needed during a challenging time in my life.”

— Anonymous

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